Claire’s Responsive Website and Mobile App

The Challenge

Claire’s had a severe conversion issue. They were getting conversions less than 1%, even during the holiday season and every attempt to increase hadn’t worked.

They new a major issue was that kids under 13 with no ability to purchase products were visiting the site and putting products into a cart, but 99% of carts just sat for months with no activity.

They also had no wishlist capability, the site design hadn’t been refreshed in 2 years and wasn’t fully responsive.

This caused the eCommerce team to loose the company millions every year.

Before Design

Solution #1

We worked with the UK design team to establish a better wishlist and flow through the site. Bringing more attention to the popular and higher selling products, as well as new arrivals, we guided customers to the products that they were more than likely looking for.

We also integrated an A/B and multivariate testing platform which allowed the design and marketing team to hone the website in and serve the customers better. This resulted in a less “Metro” style design and adopted a longer scrolling page that was completely responsive.

We implemented the HEART framework into the testing and design process, while building out a better agile product development process that utilized Lean UX. When they would normally work straight from visual comps, they were now wireframing, prototyping and testing once they saw the process work from our redesign.

Solution #2

After running some quick surveys and focus groups while the website redesign was underway, we started mapping out a mobile app that would allow parents and their children an ability to shop and locate stores. But we focused immediately on the best sellers, popular items, and promoted products rather than a straight navigation IA.

This allows the customer better guidance to the products as well as related products that they might also be interested in. Many eCommerce best practices were followed, but we differentiated the app by using native development power to give a prescriptive shopping experience. We worked with the Dev team to identify a third-party machine learning tool that would first power the app, then be integrated into the website at a later date.

  • Online Converstions increase (Off-season) 75%
  • Online Convers Increase (Holiday Season) 92%
  • Increase in Revenue 52%

Excellent Results

Online conversations increased to 4% in the off season, and 8% during the holiday rush. The mobile app saw 15,000 downloads in 6 weeks and there was a fairly consistent conversion rate of 9.6%.

Not only did revenue increase ten-fold, the eCommerce team was finally in the black and started to compete with the top regional stores.

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