You’re going to be the only human, who truly loves their job.You will get paid to do what you like most. So its like paid holiday.

1. You will never feel Boring

UX designers solve different problems every day which is new and challenging. Every day a designer has to face a different type of questions because designers are in the task of growing, changing, and developing the world.

One cannot expect tomorrow as same as today. Changes keep coming.

To satisfy the user, a designer has to apply a different technique. Eventually, one day you will get the magic output which gets the colossal success that gives you a movie climax feeling, with all rocket and flowers flying around you, but from the next day, you will again start those challenging work.

Yea it’s an endless process.

You have to be a lifetime leaner to sustain this field it an adventurous job.

2. Tech person in your Family

As a UX designer, you must be thorough with the essential things updated with new trends and technologies. You will check product hunt, app store, TechCrunch because every day some tool will come to some machine will disappear. Moreover, Companies gives you iPhone X, VR headset, AR headset, hologram, new appliances.

You will feel like living in the futuristic world.

3. Thrilling

Crazy and strange ideas are welcome here; you will be in a situation, where everyone comes up with a different perspective and creative approach which you designed.

Your designs will be questioned and evaluated by a bunch of people, and it will be a thrilling movement.

You have to do lot of field research and it will sound like a tour to you, you will meet lot of people and analyze how your solution affect their lives, how they feel and what they need

4. Feeling like Sherlock Holmes (or any other Witty Genius on your police procedural)

All the things you happened to see must give an idea to develop. It may be a top, tap, kite, door or even a shoe.

Some time UX designers job feels like Sherlock Holmes because you have to ask critical questions to find the user problem. Your brain should always be alert to find some hints.

5. Anyone can be a designer

Does it mean anyone who is creative and has a problem-solving skill can be a designer? Yea certainly.

Mathematicians, lawyers, engineers, linguistician, anyone can make a design. UX design is the only field where any of the field experts can train shift their career. UX is about improving day to day life experience.

6. Community Support

The designer can understand the feeling of other person and designer. You will be a part of a big community of passionate people.

1. People around you seek to give support and love.

2. Designers are open to sharing their skills for free on youtube and other blogs to help beginners.

3. The beginners have a big group of mentors to guide them.

4. The culture of knowledge sharing is the critical element in the designer’s life.

7. Work From any place

A designer can work in anyplace. The only thing you needs is a laptop, pencil, note.

You can change train, park, home, cafe as his working place. Designers are highly demanding because no AI bot or machine learning can replace the thinking capacity of Designer.

No AI bot or machine learning can replace the thinking capacity of Designer.

8. Capacity to change the people’s life

You feel satisfied because UX designers are directly connected to the user and see the impact they made on the people being. Sometimes they can change the most critical thing for the living.

By moving a single button, you will be impacting billion of humans living in the planets.

If you make the human’s life better, the society will grow it will impact nation growth, if the nation grows the whole world will rise.

Also, the central role of the designing is to make the people live more comfortable than anything.

Make the humans smile

Lastly, it does not mean all other departments are not best; every staff/team are best in their ways.Especially, designing is not an individual work, its a collaborative work between different teams like development team, researchers, business leaders, data scientist.. etc. You have to be a team player and learn how to respect all the other department to deliver a great product. Now you should look into Freelancing as that is the ultimate freedom!